Tuesday, 28 September 2010


So Takers is out, I've seen it and it's not reinventing the heist genre or pushing any bounderies...But, I cannot wait to own this movie on dvd. It is pure, unadulterated fun and the man candy in it is superb!I'll probably watch it repeatedly while pleasuring myself, yup, I said it. Idris Elba, yummy yummy,praise Jesus, allah,or whatever God you worship, check. Paul Walker, absolutely stunning man,drools on laptop and clothing.Paul has a black girlfriend in the movie and I love him even more.To that actress, you were living the dream girl! Michael Ealy, gorgeous, check. TI, fiiiiine, check. Jay Hernandez, delicious, check.Hayden Christenson, tasty, check. Chris Brown. Hmmm... I will say it doesn't end well for Chris(oh well, that's what happens when you beat on the world's favourite bajan princess).Though he does have the best scene in the movie. How often do we see a film with a predominantly black cast and black produced do so well? TI and Will Packer produced the film and I'm really pleased it shocked all the nay sayers and was number one in its opening weekend and is still in the top 10.

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