Friday, 17 June 2011

XY Chromosome Sundae:Godfrey Gao

Godfrey Gao is a Taiwanese actor and model. He's also the new face of Louis Vuitton. HELL YEAH. He makes me drool, he is magnificent, a certified panty droper. DAMN, sexy brooding mofo. The Canadian based super hotty was born to a Taiwanese father and Malaysian mother. He is the first asian face of Louis Vuitton men. He likes to cook, play basketball, dj, wakeboarding, practice taekwondo and play the drums. I've never understood why asian men don't get the same level of attention as their female counterparts. Actually I do, it's about power and who controls the media we're fed. Obviously, the answer isn't rocket science.

I find a lot of asian men very hot. I think many women out there just don't know how beautiful and sexy asian men can be because mainstream media goes out of their way to constantly ram western standards down our throats, with very little diversity which is boring. Or when they do, nine times out of ten they'll ensure they're not particularly attractive and relegate them to the background so the status quo isn't threatened. Imagine blockbuster films with male leads from diverse backgrounds that look like this. Exactly. It's all over then. I watched an interview with Godfrey and he's humble, intelligent and sweet. He was being himself and seems like a very nice guy, no arrogance whatsoever.Savvy move by Louis Vuitton, the asian market is huge. Hopefully this means we'll see more ads and potentially films featuring this ridiculously hot creature. Yum.

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