Friday, 3 June 2011

Style Spotlight:Kelly Rowland

So summer's coming and lovely ladies will be putting on those bikinis. As far as bikini bodies go, I think Kelly Rowland, my favourite Destiny's Child member has a sublime physique. She was recently photographed in the green bikini looking glorious, natural and fit. Congrats to Kelly on her current success, she's been steadily getting some recognition for a while now. About time,the media have treated Kelly like a spare part for ages when infact she's talented, beautiful and sultry. They're all fawning for now but just give it a while before they ferociously tear her to pieces because...That's what the UK media does to celebrities. Fickle motherfuckers.

Matthew Knowles deliberately kept Kelly and Michelle in the background, he used Destiny's Child as a launch pad for Beyonce. She's his daughter so it makes sense. And no doubt, B is talented and beautiful but her music has been terrible for ages. Her latest insult Girls run this world that's supposed to be some feminist anthem is just awful. The album is hilariously bad. She's become a commodity and no longer an artist but she's laughing all the way to the bank so all good. On another note, Kelly is a dead ringer for Donna Summer. There are similarities too in terms of the musical direction Kelly's taking. Seriously, is Donna Kelly's secret mother? There's such a likeness Kelly could play Donna in a movie. Donna Summer was and is a straight up fox so nice comparison.

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