Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Blasian Persuasion 2

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock. The former wrestler and actor is the son of a black father and samoan mother. GODAMN! The Rock is one of the finest men on the planet. I love his look, he's pretty lovely and hilarious.

Actress Pam Grier. Who can test the original Foxy Brown and chocolate skinned godess? Nobody. This is what drop dead gorgeous badassness looks like. Pam is part black and part indo west indian.

Model Naomi Campbell. The stunnning, out of this world cocoa skinned delight is jamaican and 1/4 chinese.

Hot damn! chocolate skinned model and actress Karin Taylor is ridiculously beautiful. She's half jamaican and half chinese. I've included her especially for all those idiotic, tiny minded racists who when they find themselves attracted to black women want to cling on to the belief that only half white black women are good looking. KO motherfuckers.

Clueless star and actress Stacey Dash.Wow, this chick is divine. This brown sugar is african american and indo west indian. She's also the cousin of hip hop mogul Damon Dash.

Sexy reggae artist Sean Paul is part jamaican and part chinese. I love the track he did with rapper Eve!

Quirky musician Kelis is one of my favourite artists. She's 1/2 chinese puerto rican and 1/2 black. What a beautiful couple she and Nas made! I was obsessed with them. Guys, please get back together!

Rozanda "Chilli" Thomas from TLC. This beauty is half black and half amerindian. I loved TLC, my favourite girl group ever! They were so funky and funny. They didn't take themselves too seriously. My older brother used to tell me who he fancied out of the group changed weekly,they were all equally hot yet tomboyish. RIP Left Eye. Chilli and Usher made such a sexy couple, I actually thought they'd get married. Chilli wanted to but Usher didn't, oh well.

Actress Denyce Lawton is part korean and part black. What a beautiful creature, she reminds me of Megan Good.

Jamaican billionaire Michael Lee Chin is jamaican and chinese. He's made the Forbes cover and list several times. Go Michael!

R & B singer Ashanti is half chinese puerto rican and half african american.She and boyfriend Nelly make a hot couple.

Fresh Prince Of Bel Air beauty Tatyana Ali is afro panamanian and indo trinidadian.

Gorgeous singer Olivia is jamaican and east indian.

Stunning former US figure skater Tai Babilona is half black and half fillipino.

Of course there had to be a part deux! People sometimes wonder what the product of a black and asian coupling will look like. But what on earth will the children look like? The racists and the curious often ask. Nothing wrong with being curious at all. As you can see, the children can be pretty damn stunning. I'm all for more black and asian yummylicious babies.

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