Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Serena The Champ

It's Wimbledon time again and after a tough year it was good to see one of my joint favourite female tennis players of all time back on the court. She's suffered through horrible foot injuries and life threatening blood clots on her lungs. After winning her first round match against french player Aravane Rezai, she dissolved into tears. I just wanted to give her a big hug, it was obviously very emotional for her. I don't care if she doesn't do well in this competition, it's great to see her back.

The Williams sisters are AWESOME. Supremely gifted they've taken women's tennins playing to another level and are role models for young women whatever their background. The racism and treatment they've received from the media and tennis world is absolutely despicable, even in their own country. They're so transparent.And they try to downplay her talent and undermine her intelligence by suggesting she's all power, nice try. Sorry but it takes brains, skill and talent to have achieved her level of success. Oh she's too cocky! Why? She doesn't grovel, doesn't pander to them and doesn't know her place, that's the problem for them. She doesn't play the game. She's soo black and confident, they'd prefer her to act grateful to have been allowed into their world.

Oh I don't like the way they carry themselves, they're too proud. They conduct themselves superbly, considering the shit they've had to tolorate. Imagine the Williams sisters behaving like John Macenroe? Exactly. They'd be torn to shreds, being white and male meant Macenroe could get away with that crap. Tennis insiders are jealous of Serena and Venus's talent, which other female players can juggle multiple careers, miss most of a season and still win titles? Yup, they're that great.

They cannot bear for two black women to have dominated the sport for so long, if Serena and Venus were white they'd be worshipped, there'd be a movie about their lives and the fawning would be unending, similar to what the male tennis greats receive. Instead what you see is a sort of resentful acknowledgement of their presence come game time. On the courts, by the other players and the media. Oh them again. It is so boring that they might win again, let somebody else win for a change. Yet, it was not boring when Sampras won year after year, nor with Federer or when Navratalova dominated. The tennis world prefers their female champions white and preferably blonde, they can't wait for Serena and Venus's reign to end. People can dance around the houses all they want but I know what I see and I'm not the only one, let's call a spade a spade.

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