Friday, 10 June 2011

Naomi Harris For Bond Movie?

So rumours are swirling that Naomi Harris has been offered a role in the new Bond film Bond 23. If she accepts the offer, she'd be playing his sexy sidekick rather than the usual disposable love interest. I like that she's taking her time to think about the offer. Anyone who's seen 28 Days Later knows that Naomi would make a kick ass Bond chick, she is gorgeous, athletic and dynamic. If Naomi was in a Bond film, I'd actually bother to watch it.


  1. Good for her I hope she gets the part, she's a terrific actress.

  2. It's been confirmed that she does have a part in the new Bond flick. Yeah, she's great. One good thing about her being in the Bond franchise means people who aren't familiar with her work will hopefully check out her other films.


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