Thursday, 15 December 2011

XY Chromosome Sundae:Ashley Walters

British actor and musician Ashley Walters. Hell yeah. Ashley is gorgeous, have a major thing for him. I love his eyes, his beautiful skin tone and his cute dimples. He has such a cheeky face and looks so good in geeky glasses. He's killing me in that suit. His film and tv credits include Get Rich or Die Tryin, Bullet Boy, Sugar House, Hustle and most recently Top Boy. Loved him in Top Boy, he played the conflicted bad boy with a heart and totally shined. If there's any justice, Ashley will be the next Idris Elba, he deserves it.


  1. Though I haven't seen any of the movies that you've listed, he looks really familiar to me.

    I like the pics of him in which he is sporting thick, dark rimmed glasses. I love that look.

  2. You probably haven't seen anything he's been in, unless you caught something on BBC America. Maybe he has the sort of face that looks familiar...

    Yeah he looks great in those glasses, I really like that look too.

    1. Ashley went to my school and was unfortunately bullied by an older boy with low self esteem. It's good to see he is still doing credible work.

  3. Did not know Ashley was bullied. That's sad, people can be so cruel. Great that he's doing well.


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