Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Couple Stalking:Ezra Miller and Zoe Kravitz

What a gorgeous couple Ezra Miller and Zoe Kravitz were. They dated in 2010 and starred together in the movie Beware Of The Gonzo. Zoe is a chip off the old block, like her mother she has cool taste in men. I loved her and Ben Foster together too, then Michael Fassbender and currently Penn Badgley. She and Ezra, exquisite.


  1. I thought Ben was too old for her. Was not a fan of her and Fassbender either. I really like her and Penn together though.

  2. I thought she and Ben made a very cute couple but then I do like Ben. Fassbender was an interesting choice. She does look good with Penn, he's a very nice looking guy but he seems less quirky than Ezra and less interesting as an actor than Fassbender.

    I'm curious to see Penn in the Jeff Buckley biopic he's working on. Big Jeff Buckley fan so looking forward to seeing that.

  3. Who is Jeff Buckley?

    I've liked Ben since "Flash Forward", I just didn't think that they were right for one another. I would have preferred him with Rebekah Johnson (probably because I loved them together in Liberty Heights).

    Didn't find out about Fassbender until relatively recently. I guess my main problem with him is that he's too old as well. He's cute, but he's 37 or something and Zoe is 22 or thereabouts. Twenty-two is a pretty impressionable age.

  4. Jeff Buckley was a singer song writer. His most famous track is Hallelujah but two of my favourite songs from him are Lover you should have come over and Eternal Life. He was a very good song writer and I like his voice,it had depth.

    Ben and Rebekah were great together in Liberty Heights! Fassbender is an intriguing actor,versatile. I didn't have a problem with the age gap. Twenty two is an impressionable age but I think it depends on the twenty two year old. The age gap may or may not have been a factor in their split...She's with Penn now and they look happy. :-)


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