Monday, 12 December 2011


Hat tip to fuck yeah black beauties tumblr :-)


  1. Lauryn Hill used to be so beautiful.

    Can we suggest couples for your couple stalking series?

  2. Lauryn Hill was stunning,had a major major lady crush on her, still do. She is phenomenal and just a proper artist.I even love her eccentric sensibilities lol! Of course you can suggest couples, let me know some names. :-)

  3. Ok, have you seen Reed between the Lines? It's a new show on BET starring Malcolm Jamal Warner (Theo from the Cosby Show) and Tracee Ellis Ross. They're not a real couple, but they play one on tv. Their chemistry is fantastic. I think they will soon become one of my favorite tv pairings.

  4. I haven't seen it but it sounds really good and I want to check it out. Plus I love Tracee Ellis Ross and Malcolm Jamal Warner.Definitely will be doing a post on them,great suggestion, thanks Aritul. :-)


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