Monday, 26 December 2011

Watch List:The Walking Dead

I used to have a crush on British actor Andrew Lincoln, actually still do, still think he's fine. I remember him in cult British series This Life and of course the very funny Teachers. He was great in both and just had this lovable, cheeky charm. Imagine my delight to discover he'd popped up helming a new American show called The Walking Dead. He's good in this, a man of integrity and suitably wracked with self doubt. His American accent is pretty convincing too. Lincoln plays Rick Grimes, a police officer whose woken from a coma to discover the world overrun by zombies. His mission, to find his wife and son. He leads a group of survivors on trecherous journeys that seem unending. But interestingly enough, he's not my favourite character. My favourites are anti heroes Shane, Daryl and the witty Glenn.

Shane played by Jon Bernthal is Rick's best friend and a total bad ass. The situation is further complicated by the fact that Rick's wife and Shane became lovers while they thought he was dead. Shane has good in him, but he's also a very dark character who will kill to protect himself and the ones he loves. Jon Bernthal is the man. The trajectory of Daryl has also been handled really well. He's a character I hated in the beginning, thought he was a dumb, violent, uncontrollable hillbilly. But people are never what they first appear to be and I've been totally won over by him. He has balls for days and is hilarious.

I also like the women in the show, they're not perfect but they're strong, gutsy and sensitive in ways that allow them to be multi dimensional. The characterisation, action and suspence is brilliant. What's also interesting is not so much the zombie attacks but the way groups of people survive in those situation, fragmentations, how mob rule can seep in, the ways people's personalities change and the different dynamics at play. The Walking Dead is a great series, if you're not watching it, you should be. I can't wait for the rest of seaon 2, I'm seriously addicted.

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