Thursday, 29 December 2011

Shingai Shoniwa

If you haven't heard of British indie rock singer Shingai Shoniwa you've been missing out. The Zimbabwean godess is the lead vocalist and bassist of the band The Noisettes. She's also an innovative and inventive fashion icon. I love the way she incorporates afrocentric elements with her style. Sorry Beyonce lovers, for me Shingai wins hands down when it comes to looks, style and well...EVERYTHING. She has more cool dripping from her fingernail than B does in her whole body. And I hate to compare the two because there's room for both of them and of course there are many ways of being as a black woman. I 100% support that. But I'm beyond bored of the way mainstream media acts as if Beyonce is the second coming, surprise surprise. It's hilarious how terrified the mainstream media are of dark skinned black female beauty lol. Shingai kicks ass.


  1. Replies
    1. All my girl crushes happen to be mainly light skinned/mixed American woman. It is so refreshing to have a British dark skin woman 'flying the flag' for us brits.

  2. Tell me about it re celebrating more dark skinned women. To me they are just as beautiful and Shingai is too bad ass. Totally agree, love that she's flying the flag for Brits.


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