Friday, 2 December 2011

People Magazine's Sexiest

So People Magazine recently released it's annual sexiest list. And guess what? Surprise surprise it was slim on diversity. I mean they slipped in a couple... The ever sexy as f*** delicious chocolate fine Idris Elba made the list (it would have been idiotic not to include him), so did the stunning Jason Momoa, glorious Harry Shum Jnr (hands down the best looking guy in Glee) also featured and cutie pie John Cho. I'm not sure my favourite bad ass, wipe the drool off your clothing white dude Charlie Hunnam made the list though..If he did, he's not near the top and it's a travesty. Charlie's one of the hottest mofo's around, this guy oozes sex appeal. Maybe he's not high profile enough yet for People. Charlie, I want a recount boo! Guess who did top the poll? Bradley Cooper. Yup, The Hangover star. Sorry I just don't get it with him, my sexiest list would have been very different but hey, that's why it's all subjective.


  1. Completely agree about Bradley Cooper. He seems like a nice guy, but he does nothing for me. You can also Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds as actors who seem to appeal to the masses, but don't do anything for me. They seem like nice guys though.

    Oh, and Harry Shum Jr. is cute.

  2. Momoa and Harry Shum are very nice. :-) I love Ryan Gosling,I even love that he doesn't look like a typical Hollywood star and his offbeat performances are great. Ryan Reynolds is the opposite for me, fantastic body and clean looks but he does absolutely nothing for me.Reynolds is quite funny when being interviewed though, quick witted...

  3. I watched Lars and the Real Girl recently, and I admit that I could see Gosling's appeal. But outside of that role, I just don't see. I agree with you completely about R.R..

  4. Yeah,I can understand why he wouldn't appeal to some even though I really like him. Lars and The Real Girl one of my favourites from him.


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