Sunday, 28 August 2011

XFactor Madness!

Misha is a star. Phenomenal vocals and audition.Go ahead girl!

Craig Colton was hilarious and performed a great cover of Adele's track. Brilliant voice.

Derry Mensah serenades Kelly Rowland. I love this guy! What a cutie pie.

Derry gets some love from his dream woman Kelly. Too cute!

The Xfactor machine has rolled into town and it's as addictive as ever. All the grumblings of how it would fare without Simon and Cheryl has faded into the background with reports of record breaking ratings for it's second episode. With the current climate beings so depressing people need some escapism and Xfactor provides just that. The formula is as slick as ever. I really liked Craig Colton's performance, what a lovely voice! And he was so funny and charming but my favourite so far is Misha Bryan, fantastic voice and stage presence. I think she's beautiful, has a sweet spirit and becomes a lioness on stage. It was such a ballsy, feisty audition. Her updated, edgy rendition of Aretha's classic Respect stole the show. If you're going to attempt to take on Aretha Franklin, one of the greatest singers ever, then you better be damn good and she was awesome. This girl is versatile and I loved her rap right in the middle of the track!

Derry Mensah's audition has got to be one of my highlights so far, I love this dude! I literally did not stop laughing from the minute he confessed his undying love for Kelly. And of course he fancies Kelly, she's gorgeous. What a handsome young man, it was a good audition too, he has a great voice. He cracked me up, from his declarations of love for Kelly "Straight up, I love you Kelly Rowland" to his brilliant, raucous friends and the way they gathered around him like a scrum during his reaction at the end "Don't touch me, Kelly Rowland has just kissed me! Four, four yeses!" What a colourful, fun personality, he's just adorable. And yes Derry has a past, he served a sentence for robbery as the usual suspects (The Daily Mail and The Sun, surprise surprise!) were so gleefully quick to inform the public. People make mistakes and deserve second chances. He paid his dues and realised the error of his ways. He's been very open about his past and the mistakes he made. I think that's a very adult way of handling it. Leave Derry alone. With his vocal talent, good looks and effervescent personality I hope he realises there are other options for him. Bring on episode 3. :-)


  1. Heh, that is cute. Kelly seems like a nice girl.

  2. Hi Aritul,yes it was cute and also very funny.Kelly's definitely a sweetheart.:-)


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