Thursday, 25 August 2011

Watch List:Sons Of Anarchy Season 4

Sons Of Anarchy is back this September and I am beyond excited. Starring my favourite badass white dude Charlie Hunnam as the complex heir apparent of the criminal and dysfuntional SamCro motorcycle gang. What a beautiful, sexy mofo! But don't just watch for Charlie's fine ass (although that's reason enough), it has an astounding cast including Ron Pearlman and the incredible Katey Sagal. It is without a doubt the best thing on television and if you're not watching it you're seriously missing out. This season sees the arrival of a new sherrif played by Rockmond Dunbar (another sexy mofo). After being sent to prison for weapons charges, the key players in SamCro return to Charming to discover a lot has changed. They'll have to fight to run the streets again. Let battle commence. Brrrrrilliant! Season 4 starts on FX Tuesday 6th September.

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