Saturday, 13 August 2011

London's Burning and David Starkey's Racist Comments

So the riots in England have sparked much commentary and debate over the last week and now idiotic historian David Starkey has added fuel to the fire with his racist, dangerous commentary. On a BBC Newsnight interview he claimed "The whites have become black..." amongst other asinine, offensive gems.To be honest, I knew this was coming, in short, I was waiting for it. The sad aspect is that all the racist vermin out there will support his perspective. It was just a matter of time before the people in the west played their favourite card "Blame the black people." Despite people of all colours and backgrounds being involved in looting, doesn't matter. All the white people involved in looting get a pass because they've been led astray by black people and black culture. The 41 year old guy with a history of drug problems who got caught stealing alcohol was obviously influenced by gangster rap culture.

Starkey's comments were disgustingly racist, citing Enoch Powell, I shuddered. How embarassing for the BBC to be associated with this and to have given him the platform. But what struck me is how predictable his arguements were, black equals evil, dangerous, predatory and white equals all that is good and what people should aspire to be, white is the default humanity setting. He stated that David Lammy the MP for Tottenham was an "archetypal" successful black man who sounds white because he's intelligent. I nearly fell on the floor laughing at that one. Classic white privellege posturing. White people get to be individuals, given second chances and the benefit of the doubt. Black people aren't seen as individuals, no we're a monolith, homogenous group who all apparently think the same and have similar behavioural traits. Apparently, black people and gangster rap culture are driving this precious country to the ground. Yeah, this precious country that was built on slavery, pillaging of other countries and various sickening inhumane acts in order for it to flourish but let's not have that dialogue...And while we're at it, let's not have the dalogue that it was the incompetent police's callous shooting of a black man that sparked this whole thing in the first place and it turns out he didn't even reach to use a weapon! It seems to be the Metropolitan police's favourite past time, it's like the apple a day theory. A dead black man a day keeps the threat at bay.

For the record, there were thousands of black people who were at home not involved in the riots and looting. This is so so deliberate during this tricky climate, interesting how the divide and conquor mentality is still a powerful tactic. And David Lammy is NOT the "archetypal" successful black man. Successful black men vary in exactly the same way successful white men vary. It's unbelievable that clueless people like David Starkey get given an opportunity to spew their garbage. It's like they can't help themselves, they cling to the conditioning they've had all their lives, racism that's deeply entrenched within their psyche. It's astonishing to observe. And the media will defend him. That's what they always do whenever white public male figures blatantly display their racism.Why? Because middle and upper class white men own the media, they're protecting the perception of themselves. It's not that they actually care about the horrific racist comments, worse is said and thought behind closed doors. It's what other people will think for being colossally stupid enough to slip up in the public arena. Being known as a racist is one of the most damning labels to have. So you'll see dubious, ambiguous articles cropping up because secretly, many people are emboldened by what he said.

People are angry, looking for somewhere to lay the blame and I knew they would use race as a smokescreen when it's about economics and poverty.There will be suggestions that David Starkey has a point, fingers pointed at hip hop that magically becomes black again rather than "urban music for everybody" when it's convenient. David Starkey doesn't have a point. It's predictable, lazy, sickeneing and overly simplistic to blame ethnic minorities for the problems the country has. People like Starkey live in a bubble, they move in particular circles and are completely out of touch. He has no idea what he's talking about and I can guarantee other than what's filtered through his copies of the Daily Mail, you can count the amount of black people he actually knows or interacts with on one hand. David, take your head out of your archaic, entitled, privilleged ass and when you've done that, wipe all the shit off your face.

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