Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Watch List:The Curse Of Miss Fortune

The Curse Of Miss Fortune by international playwright Michael Starr is coming to The Hen & Chickens Theatre in London this Sunday 07 August. It features a great cast including playwright, actress and renaissance woman Theresa Roche. The show is a fusion of satirical comedy and noir, it promises to be side splitingly funny. So if you're in London this weekend and fancy being transported to some sultry 50's glamour, trilby hats and sassy dames, don't miss this show! Follow the mishaps of a fella down on his luck succumbing to the lure of prosperity. The show will have a run at the world renowned Edinburgh Festival so catch it before it becomes ridiculously popular. To book via telephone ring 08444 771 000. For more information on the event click on the link below and search for it, it should come up!

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