Sunday, 21 August 2011

Couple Stalking:Robin Thicke and Paula Patton

They really make a beautiful pair.

Robin and Paula were college sweethearts, how adorable.

Out for a stroll with their beautiful son.

Looking stylishly sophisticated.

Hanging out in Miami and how hot do they look together.

Chilling with lovely Usher.

I can't help being intrigued by my favourite yummy soulful white crooner Robin Thicke and his stunning chocolate wife, actress Paula Patton. They are a gorgeous pair and Robin is absolutely crazy about his wife. I prefer Robin Waaaay more to Justin Timberfake. Robin loves black women (we love him too :-) ) and not in a creepy, fetish like way. There are beautiful women of every race but he seems to really love the beauty of black women. And one thing I like about him is he isn't ashamed or remotely concerned about what other people think. He puts it out there and makes it known, unlike some other famous white guys who like black women but don't have the balls to publically date one because they think it will be career suicide. Anywho, been seriously crushing on him for a few years. Also is it me or doesn't Paula look like a black version of January Jones? I really see a resemblance between them.

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