Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Watch List:The Interrupters

I remember watching Steve James's documentary Hoop Dreams as a teenager. Years in the making, it follows two African American high school students in Chicago and their ambitions to become professional basketball players. If you haven't seen Hoop Dreams, rent it now, it's possibly the best documentary I've ever seen in my life and incredibly powerful. I guarantee you'll be deeply affected by it, I know I was. Now Steve James has a new documentary The Interrupters and I'm beyond intrigued to see it. Set in his familiar tapestry of impoverished African American neigbourhoods,The Interrupters focuses on real life superheroes. Ex gang members with criminal records who joined non profit group Cease Fire to intercede violent hotspots and defuse explosive situations. Their weapon of choice? The power of persuasion. The documentary is supposedly filled with strong, complex, gripping characters the audience will love. I always wondered what Steve James would work on next, now I know and it's on my must see list.

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