Saturday, 29 January 2011

XY Chromosome Sundae: Ryan Gosling

So I've had a thing for actor Ryan Gosling for a few years. I think a lot of women do. I even put myself through that bad movie The Notebook because he was in it.I do think he and Rachel McAdams make a lovely couple both on and off the screen and have great chemistry.I could yap on about his striking looks and I don't think he's conventionally handsome so that's not the main thing I like about him.I do love him with a beard and slightly scruffy,it really suits him. He is ridiculously talented. I think he strikes a chord within you with his performances.He brings a depth and multidimensionality to his roles.He plays flawed, broken men so so brilliantly. There's a sensitivity there and you think about his performances afterwards.His band Dead Man's Bones is great,check them out on youtube. He's also an activist( and yes I know the celebrity activist thing is cliched but somehow seems genuine with him) and he has a dog! Hot man that loves his dog is a certified panty dropper.

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