Saturday, 15 January 2011

Style Spotlight: Zoe Kravitz

Yeah haters why wouldn't I be laughing? I have everything! Don't choke on your envy milkshake!

Life is unfair, not only is the sky the limit but Zoe also got to bed yummy ex boyfriend actor Ben Foster regularly! I loved them as a couple.

No doubt about it, Zoe Kravitz is gorgeous. Not as stunning as her mother but still effortlessly delicious. I'm a fan. But it's predetermined when your mother is the incredible looking Lisa Bonet and your dad is the stupendously sexy Lenny Kravitz (Does that man age????). I love Zoe's style, she has that grungy, dirty rock star style down pat. And when she actually bothers to make an effort she looks fantastic. Like her mother, she has great taste in men. Zoe is an artist in her own right, an actress and has starred in several films already. She has a couple of projects coming up including independent film Yelling To The Sky. Yell away girl, you rock.

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