Monday, 10 January 2011

XY Chromosome Sundae: Dayron Robles

Celebrating yet another win.

Dash for the finish.

Oh Dayron you look distressed, let me help you out...

Have you noticed how fine Cuban male athletes are? Seriously, every time I watch a major international athletics event there's at least a couple to oggle. I really like olympic winning and record holding hurdler Dayron Robles. He's poetry in motion to watch. Cool, calm and superb over those 110 metres hurdles. Facially he's not classically handsome but he has a certain something I find palpably sexy. A quiet confidence, a self assuredness that's ridiculously attractive. He's comfortable in his own skin and that's potent. He also looks like a geek with a fantastic body. Like he should be in an economics class with his head down while one secretly lusts over that covered up physique.

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