Sunday, 3 July 2011

Spotlight:Lanisha Cole

Lanisha Cole is a model and actress.She's originally from Panama but grew up in America. Wow, wow, wow, I think she's so gorgeous. I remember first seeing her as the lead video girl in Jon B's Dont Talk, The Roots awesome Break you off, Pharrell's Frontin and N.E.R.D's Maybe. She dated Questlove from The Roots, she has good taste in men as Questlove is very talented and The Roots are amazing. I like the fact that she didn't go for the obvious, she dated a conscious, experimental black dude and that's very cool. She and Pharrell look unbelivably stunning together as a couple in N.E.R.D's Maybe. Another black woman who ko's the racist theory that dark skinned black women aren't good looking. And again, she's not an anomaly or the exception. There are loads of them out there that the mainstream refuse to showcase.

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