Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Roses Really Smell Like Pooh

It's been absolutely fascinating watching the demise of the Daily Mirror and the triumvirate of Rupert Murdoch, Rebekah Brooks and James Murdoch deeply embroiled in the phone hacking scandal. It saw the end of one of Britain's longest running papers. For now, Rupert Murdoch is standing by his protogee, former News of The World Editor and Chief Executive of News International, red headed wonder woman Rebekah Brooks. Don't mess with Rebekah, she kicked ex boyfriend Ross Kemp's ass. Police officers have resigned, Prime Minister David Cameron's murky affiliation, now Brooks has been arrested and whistle blower Sean Hoare found dead. How convenient! The police are claiming his death isn't suspicious! Come on, how stupid do they think the public are? This guy stated that former News Of The World Editor and now political strategist, David Cameron's previous Communications Director Andy Coulson actively ecouraged phone hacking at the paper. And they expect us to believe that he wasn't disposed of? And he's being slyly discredited as a junkie and alcoholic, doesn' t make what he confessed any less true.

Here's the thing, I'm pretty sure the News Of The World wasn't the only paper hacking into people's phones. It doesn't get much bigger than this, the fall of a major newspaper, arrests, corruption, distasteful political association and a media empire shaken to the core. Murdoch's even had to put his greedy, ubiquitous media expansion on hold. Is anyone actually going to take responsibility? Or are we going to witness more displays of shirking? It's intriguing to watch all this unravel and it's going to run and run...On a side note, is it wrong that I sort of have a tiny girl crush on Rebekah Brooks? Clearly it is. Yes I know she's ruthless, see footage of Brooks calmly admitting to paying police officers for information but from humble beginnings she had a meteoric rise to the top and how she navigated her way through intrigues me.What does this chick have on Murdoch that he hasn't fired her? The trio being questioned by corrupt mps today means absolutely nothing. Nobody at the top will be punished, Murdoch is worth far too much money and has his tentricles deeply embedded within the political machine. There'll be one official enquiry after another to appear to be doing something and excuses given as to why certain aspects of several investigations were botched...Oh I can see it already, Gripping stuff.


  1. Hi, FD! I wanted to thank you for being the very 1st follower to my blog, so thank you!

    Anyway, what you wrote about the News of the World not being the 1st to hack phones, I think is totally true. While I frown upon taking liberties with other people's privacy, as I was watching the scandal this afternoon on the news, I have to say I really didn't think it was that big of a deal that the whole paper is being shut down because of it. Besides, the paparazzi do worse things every day and the government just lets them run with it.

    However, I'm not really into politics and the like. I'm not even sure how my own messed-up US government works. So I don't know how if maybe the paper's offense merits a harder punishment in England than it does here in the US.

  2. Hey Danster! My pleasure,the first of many I'm sure,I enjoyed reading your perspective and I also LOVE A Tribe Called Quest.

    You're right about the paparazzi doing terrible things, they have no scruples or integrity. In terms of the paper being shut down, I think it's a historical case and could possibly set a precedent.Murdoch chose to close down the paper, considering the public outcry, that was an interesting move to make.The media wield a huge amount of influence and have been getting away with unethical practices for years.Good to see them being held accountable with their reputations and credibility on the line. The triumvirate will forever be associated with this scandal, but they're rich, they'll recover fairly easily.

    I'm pretty cynical about politics, it's one big game but it's fascinating to follow sometimes. I think american politics is way more interesting and exciting than politics in the UK. Higher stakes, bigger stages and interesting politicians. :-)

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  4. Hi Khae,
    no worries, have updated with your new link. :-)


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