Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Black Inventors

Most people don't realise some of the extraordinary contributions black people have made in history. That's because it's rarely acknowledged or recognised, hidden. Not because they don't exist. They think black history is just pain and slavery and that the only thing black people invented is hip hop. I love good hip hop but it's so much more than that. Generally, people have no idea.Infact, go back as far as 18th century Africa and some of the incredible art and artefacts that were produced. When the British illegally invaded they were astounded by the art, stole many of those artefacts and then denied that Africans had that history and capability due to racist beliefs. A familiar tale... Many of those artefacts are still in museums all over Europe. I find it very interesting the black history that's selected to be taught in schools. Here are some black inventors and their inventions.

Helicopter - Paul E Williams

The Clock - Benjamin Banneker

The Typewriting Machine - Lee Burridge

Guitar - Robert Flemming Jr

Ironing Board - Sarah Boone

The Advanced Printing Press - W.A Lovette

Fire Extinguisher - T.J Marshall

The Elvator - Alexandra Mills

First Open Heart Surgery -Daniel Hale Williams

Chemotheraphy - Dr Louis T. Wright

Telephone Transmitter - Granville T Woods

Cellular Phone - Henry Sampson

Traffic Signal - Garrett Morgan

Rocket Catapult - Hugh MacDonald

Laser Fuels - Lester Lee

Space shuttle Retrieval Arm - WM Harwell

Pressure Cooker - Maurice W Lee

Disposable Syringe - Phil Brooks

Home Security System - Marie Brown

Pacemaker - Otis Boykin

Radiation Detector - Geo Carruthers

Automatic Fishing Reel - George Cook

Horse Riding Saddle - WM D. Davis

Photo Embossing Machine - Clatonia J Dorticus

Electric Railway System - Granville T Woods

Roller Coaster - Granville T Woods

Automatic Gear Shift For Cars - Richard Spikes

The Refrigerator - John Standard

Lawn Sprinkler - Joseph Smith

Fountain Pen - William Pur

Lawn Mower - John Burr

The Super Charger System For Internal Combustion Engines - Joseph Gammell

Dry Cleaning - Thomas Jennings

Air Conditioner - Frederick Jones

Bicycle Frame - Isaac R Johnson

Lubricating Cup For Engines - Elijah McCoy

More black inventors next time...

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