Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Set It Off

I love the movie Set It Off. Directed by F Gary Gray, it stars Jada Pinkett Smith, Vivica Fox, Queen Latifah,Kimberly Elise and super fine Blair Underwood. The film is about four friends who turn to bank robbing to escape their difficult circumstances. Even though they fall prey to criminal activities, they're multi dimensional characters who care about their loved ones and just want better lives. They're warm, gutsy, funny and fearless. Kick ass anti heroines. You buy into their characters and completely root for them. It has some of my favourite women and they're fantastic. Gorgeous tiny dynamo Jada Pinkett Smith is great as the smart, tomboyish beauty who turns to crime after a personal tragedy, Queen Latifah is PHENOMENAL as the restless, fiery gun totting lesbian, honestly she steals this film in my opinion. Hot Vivica Fox is the wise talking, savvy brains and Kimberly Elise the sensitive mother with a baby son to worry about. I also adore the sexy romance between Jada Pinkett and Blair Underwood. "What are you looking at? I'm a bitch with a gun!" Great, action packed flick.

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