Sunday, 17 June 2012

Spotlight:Rachel True

Remember actress Rachel True from The Craft? When I first saw her I thought she was so so pretty and had this interesting, bohemian aura about her. She was kinda kooky but still accessible enough to get juicy roles. Sadly, because of Hollywood's prejudiced attitude towards actresses of colour, she was never really going to get a fair shot at superstardom despite having the whole package. I think she did a few independent movies. Anyway,at the time, along with Neve Campbell, Rachel was on my list of hot women I would have done the horizontal dance with were I that way inclined. She's done lots of film and tv work and her credits include The Craft, Nowhere, Half & Half, Half Baked, A Girl's Guide To Sex, The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, Dawson's Creek and many others.


  1. How are you?! Long time, no comment.

    I remember her very well. I wish that she were on tv. She still looks very young given her age.

  2. Aritul! Long time indeed. I'm well, been so busy with other commitments haven't had as much time for the blog. How are you?

    Yeah, Rachel's very pretty and she had this indie edginess I liked.

  3. Very well, thank you. I'm trying to take some trips this year. Hopefully that will work out. Other than that, same old same old--the daily grind.

  4. Good to hear you're well! Yeah, know what you mean by the daily grind. At least the trips are something to look forward to. :-)


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