Tuesday, 5 June 2012


I love Bjork. Stylistically, the Icelandic queen is one of the most creative, innovative artists around. There are singers who are popstars and there are true artists. Bjork is the latter. Does she have one of the best voices around? Nope but it's unique and distinctive. I like it's quiet, haunting power. Her ecclectic style and tastes means she pretty much experiments with most musical genres; alternative rock, electronica, folk, trip hop, classical, jazz, alternative dance. The list goes on. Venus as a Boy is one of my favourite tracks. Bjork is very eccentric and I adore that about her, she's not afraid to be herself. Infact, she pretty much doesn't give a damn. Take her swan outfit at the Oscars. People were laughing at her for that but I actually think she was mocking how seriously the Oscars takes itself.

She's also an actress, having starred in Dancer In The Dark which she won the best actress award for at the Cannes Film Festival. The critically acclaimed chanteuse has won many music awards including several Brit awards, MTV Video Music gongs, the Polar Music Prize and one Mojo Award. She's been nominated for twelve grammies, one Academy Award and two Golden Globes. I think she's an intelligent artist, incredibly visual but she combines it with deep, kooky lyrics. She's a great songwriter. She may not necessarily be the most accessible artist but she's unforgettable. She had her hey day in the 90's with tracks like It's Oh So Quiet, Hyperballad and Army of Me charting succsessfully in the UK. She's still making music and she's still awesome.


  1. I love Bjork too. She's amazing!

  2. 100% agree.She totally rocks,incredible artist. :-)


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