Friday, 18 March 2011

Romance Playlist 2

Black Orpheus.
Based on the Orpheus and Eurydice myth and set during the Rio de Jeneiro
carnival. Great film starring the handsome Breno Mello and the incredible
looking Marpessa Dawn.

Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind.
Michele Gondry's inventive masterpiece is about a couple who undertake a
procedure to erase each other from their memories when things go downhill.
I love this film so much, one of my favourite movies ever. Jim Carey and
Kate Winslet are briliant. The script was written by
Charlie Kaufman.

The English Patient.
Anthony Minghella's epic masterpiece based on the novel
by Sri Lankan Canadian author Michael Ondaatje. The book
is amazing, so is the movie. Juliette Binoche is a godess.

She's Gotta Have It.
A great ground breaking independent comedy drama from the ever
controversial Spike Lee. About a woman juggling three lovers. It
stars Tracy Camilla Johns.

Mo Better Blues.
And so my obsession with Denzel Washington as a teenager began.
To tell the truth, it began with The Mighty Quinn. But this offering
from Spike Lee melted my heart and other parts of me. Denzel was a
drop dead, gorgeous, intense, smouldering magnetic black man and
I could not take my eyes of him. I collected posters, watched
everything with him I could get my hands on and recorded every
interview I caught. I was mad about him, still am. Oh, the film's pretty
cool too. He and Wesley Snipes are great as squabbling band members.

The Piano Teacher.
My God what can I say about this astonishing movie?
Director Michael Haneke is a genius but if you're familiar
with his films you'll know this already. Isabelle Huppert
plays a character so complex, you're left still attempting to
unravel her long after the film is finished. A superb
tale of dark, twisted obsessive love.

Love Jones.
Cool cool film and one of my favourite romance flicks. She's a beautiful photographer,
he's a sweet talking writer. The stunning Nia Long and sexy Larenz Tate star in the
familiar tale of boy meets girl, boy screws up and all the complications along the way.
It also depicted the black middleclass, that's always refreshing to see. Both
Larenz and Nia don't seem to have aged one bit either.

Featuring an all black cast, Otto Preminger's movie based
on Bizet's opera was a triumph. Beautiful femme fetale
Dorothy Dandridge sizzled on screen. The fantastically
handsome Harry Belafonte also held his own as her hapless
boyfriend Joe.

True Romance.
Written by Quentin Tarrantino, this is a whirlwind
of a film. When Christian Slater was still very sexy
and reminded me of a young (but better looking)
Jack Nicholson. He saves hooker Alabama from
a life of postitution, steals from her pimp and they
run to Hollywood. The excellent Gary Oldman also
stars in this.Cracking stuff.

Love and Basketball.
Another favourite. The story of two childhood sweethearts
who grow up loving basketball and the journeys they take
to try to make their dreams happen. Omar Epps and Sanaa Lathan
have a palpable onscreen connection. They were actually dating each
other at the time, which makes sense now looking back. They looked
so good together. Sexy, heart warming film.

500 Days of Summer.
I'm in love with Joseph Gordon Levitt, I really am.
He's fantastic. In this offbeat tale his character falls for
a woman who doesn't believe love exists. Heartbreak
ensues. Good soundtrack too.

As Good As It Gets.
Absolutely hilarious film. An obsessive compulsive novelist
falls in love with a singe mother. Jack Nicholson is comedy
gold and can do anything. Also stars Helen Hunt,
Cuba Gooding Jnr and Greg Kinear.

The Virgin Suicides.
Directed by Sofia Coppola and based
on the phenomenal book by Jeffrey Eugenides.
A bunch of teenage male friends become
obsessed with a group of sisters who are sheltered
by their strict, religious parents after one of them
commits suicide. Haunting and quirky, Kirsten
Dunst stars.

Eagle Vs Shark.
Two socially awkward misfits find love and enact revenge
on past bullies.

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