Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Hot Asian Men 2

Andrew Ley. The american model is hot stuff.

Paolo Montalban. This stunning actor of Philippino origin played Brandy's prince in a remake of Cinderella, lucky Brandy.

Vietnamese actor Johnny Nguyen, Nice.

Dennis Oh. People seem to ask Dennis Oh or Daniel Henney? Doesn't matter, they're both ridiculously gorgeous.

Oh Ji Ho. Korean actor and model. There are some unbelievably scrumptious Korean men out there and he's one of them.

Ando Masanobu. The versatile and talented Japanese actor and director won the best new actor award in Japan for Takeshi Kitano's Kids Return. I think he's an absolutely beautiful, dreamy man. He also seems quite alternative and kooky, which I like.

Edison Chen. The Chinese Canadian rapper and actor is definitely a rasacal, he left Hong Kong embroiled in a sex scandal...I'm not holding it against him, good looking dude.

Phillip Wong, the producer from Wong Fu Productions is such a cutie.

David Lim. Chinese American Ford model, he also holds a degree in electrical engineering, not just a pretty face and sexy body.

Bae Jungnam. The sexy south korean model has attitude and swagger. I like his style.

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