Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Couple Stalking: Nas and Kelis

I'm still mourning Nas and Kelis's divorce. I absolutely loved them as a couple. They're both great artists. She's the quirky, fearless chanteuse and he's the insanely talented hip hop icon. He's a poet and his albums are in my list of favourite hip hop albums ever, along with Dead Prez, The Roots, Common and Pete Rock & CL Smooth. I think Nas is gorgeous, very sexy man. Kelis is just this stunning, visceral entity. They really suited each other and have a child together, so I hope they're getting on for their kid's sake. Incidentally, Kelis is Pharell's ex girlfriend, he produced her first album.


  1. I know! They make a beautiful, interesting creative duo. Sigh for what once was... :-)


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