Monday, 15 February 2010

Vitamin Intake

Do you take your vitamins regularly? I do.

Vitamins C

Daniel Henney. And on the seventh day God made this beautiful
Korean American man, thank you God.
James Franco. So hot it's ridiculous. He makes my ovaries and
other parts of me twitch. James Deanesque.

Idris Elba. Chocolate this sexy should be a mandatory vitamin
for everyone. Yum.

Vitamins B

Takeshi Kaneshiro. Too much of anything is bad for you.
Not in this case! Exquisite. Don't you wish you were that water?

John Cho. Cute, funny and so badass in Flash Forward it
should be renamed John Forward. Seriously.

Ashley Walters. My My Ashley how you've blossomed
into a gorgeous, sexy thespian. There's a pic of Ashley practically
naked floating around somewhere. Could someone make a chica's
day and send it to me.

Vitamins E
Simon Baker. Should I count all the ways
I like thee? No, I'd be here all day. Saw
Something New and it was all over. Delicious man.

Paul Walker. Is it fair and just that a man be this pretty?
No really is it? Paul never has any roles of substance and well...
I just don't care. I'm too busy drooling.

Daniel Cipriani. Most people don't know that
goregeous Daniel is part black. Rugby shorts
never looked so good. I may actually subject
myself to a game now.

Adam Rodriguez. Crushing on him big time.
A regular fix of him is good for my well being.

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