Monday, 15 February 2010

Happy Place

So I met with the lovely Bim today as part of the Precious Online arts critic programme. Her blog Yoruba Girl Dancing is a great read.
We chatted about all sorts and she has a fertile, intelligent mind. She mentioned her "happy place" which had me in stiches and it got me thinking about happy places. You know, the things you do that just give you pleasure and pause reality for a few hours. A bubble in which you can immerse yourself and escape. I love the Coen brothers films and one of my happy places is The Big Lebowski. It never fails to make me laugh every time. The dude, his dysfunctional friends and the shenanigans they find themselves in is hilarious. I watch it sipping smirnoff and eating butterscotch popcorn, chinese take away or ginger biscuits. Also, the film's hapless protagonist the dude is a slob and I can totally relate. I'm a slob at home, sleeping till past mid day on my days off, padding about in my old pyjamas with holes and constantly battling the overwhelming urge to do absolutely nothing. Dudism should be a religion.

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