Thursday, 18 February 2010

Hot Chips

Janelle Monae. Beautiful, futuristic and quirky. Im not sure
what planet she's on but I'd like to go there. If there's any justice
she will be as big as Gaga.

Shingai Shoniwa. This woman is so gorgeous she could turn me!
Luvvin her natural do! That hair! Her Afrocentric style, her killer vocals,
her indie rocker vibe. Divine creature.

Florence Welch. Fantastic, what an incredible talent.
Was a fan before the main stream buzz. Luvvin
that flame red hair.A mythical being, She is striking
and unforgettable. To listen to her is to travel between
old and new worlds.

Karen O. Gut wrenchingly charismatic, Here's
Miss O doing her Where The Wild Things are
tribute(she produced the brilliantly evocative
music for the film). Looking decidedly cute.
Normally she's a flame on the stage.

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