Saturday, 28 April 2012

Watch List:Scandal

It's official, I'm addicted to ABC's new show Scandal starring Kerry Washington and written by Shonda Rhimes who also wrote Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. Gorgeous and classy Kerry Washington plays Olivia Pope, head of a crisis management firm. She and her team of gladiators specialise in fixing every scandalous case that walks through their office doors. Olivia's a complicated, dynamic woman, having previously worked for the White House and had a passionate affair with the president of the United States and they're still in love with each other. The show moves at a ridiculously quick pace and the characters are complex and constantly evolving, nobody is exactly who you think they are which makes for juicy writing and great tv.

There are lots of pros with this show. A powerful black woman in a lead role penned by another black woman. Chocolate fine Columbus Short in a suit being totally badass (he's goddamn beautiful and needs more screen time please.) Kerry Washington's character having a passionate, tricky relationship with a hot president, the slightly unhinged Cyrus Beene as the President's right hand man, I'm loving his deceptively crazy character more and more, who knows how far he'll go to protect his interests. There's also good chemistry between the cast. I think this role was made for Kerry Washington, she'll finally get some of the profile she deserves. I hope it lasts for many seasons, it's already very good and has the potential to brilliant. I'm definitely along for the ride.

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