Monday, 2 April 2012

Tilda Swinton

I've been meaning to do a post on the amazing Tilda Swinton for a while and I don't know what's taken me so long. Totally girl crushing on her for ages, just bad ass in every way. She's an astonishing actress, superb performance after performance. She's very eccentric with a great body of work. What I love about Tilda is she fully embraces her uniquness, her androgynous style, she's fearless and unafraid to be herself in Hollywood, she stands out from the crowd in the best way. She won an oscar for her role in Michael Clayton and has appeared in both arthouse and mainstream films including The Beach, The Deep End, Burn After Reading, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and many many others.

I recently saw We Need To Talk About Kevin and her performance blew me away, it was so layered, subtle and authentic. She really captured the pain of the character and the different degrees of it. The movie essentially explores the issue of having a son who grows up to be a murderer and whether or not the fault lies with the mother who never felt any real connection to him. As he grows up, their strange, abrasive relationship becomes increasingly frayed and explosive. Ezra Miller is great as her teenage son, he's an odd, beautiful egg so not surprised he was cast in the role. It's a hypnotic film, visually poetic, with a spare, tightly written script. The kind of film you could watch several times to see all the things you missed. Tilda will be starring in independent film maker Jim Jarmusch's Vampire flick which has begun shooting. Jim is a weird and dynamic film maker. His films are an aquired taste but Im a fan. Tilda in another Jim Jarmusch film? Awesomeness.

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