Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Okay so yours truly is in Portugal. First Lisbon and now Tavira. This trip has been both good and disasterous in several ways. I wont elaborate... But suffice to say my grasp of this language is limited to...Obrigado! Meaning thank you. I notice that when I ask people questions here, a lot of the time they just nod so I can go away. They have no idea what Im talking about, but hey there is a language barrier so I understand! It's funny being black in certain countries in Europe. You still catch some people staring as though they've seen a unicorn dressed in a tutu. The sense of being made to feel "other" sits at the back of your mind although most of the time I don't allow it to hinder my enjoyment of a place. Tavira is lovely, it grows on you...The scent of orange blossoms lingers in the air, there are colourful patterned tiles everywhere,nice walks, the buildings have an old world charm and beaches stretch for miles.The Algarve was once occupied by the moors... Interesting non? I mention disasters becuase there have been times on this trip when I wanted to crawl into a hole and not come out.But...I think you really get to know yourself when bad things happen. When really lousy, unfair occurrences come thick and fast,choosing you as its target,you get to know what you're made of. Im choosing to be philosophical about it all. Lady luck owes me but Im certain there millions stuck in that same que. Soon come.

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