Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Grace Is The Place

Yesterday evening I went to see the iconic, irrepressible legend Grace Jones at The Royal Albert Hall. Wow, what a show. What a woman! She's 54 and looks fantastic. She is completely unique, bizzarre and original. You can see where Lady Gaga stole all her ideas from. The grandoise theatricality, the insane, outrageous costumes! Amongst other things Grace wore: a shiny zebra catsuit and a white wig that looked like she had a dolphin on her head. A skin tight black castsuit that was part catwoman part blood smeared octopuss. A massive pom pom esque backless dress in which she was butt naked underneath to the audience's delight. A cheeky number that was pharoah slash dancehall queen. It went on... The hats, the wierd, hilarious entertaining commentary between songs. She did a set of mostly new tracks but there were some old favourites too. Slave to the rhythm, Pull up to my bumper and of course her wonderful version of La vien rose. The quality of her voice remains. I was struck by how good she is live. Grace is a kind of weather made of storm and strange. Sexually magnetic and primal. She prowled the stage yet simultaneously seemed to be crawling through the skin of audience members, a mood staking claim. Fantastic.

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