Monday, 17 December 2012

Watch List:Some Girls

So I finished watching the first series of new BBC3 British comedy Some Girls and I have to say, it makes me laugh out loud and reminds me of being in my teens. Some Girls is about a group of kooky teenage friends who play on a football team together, attend the same school and share the trials and tribulations of being a teenager. I love Viva played by Adelayo Adedayo, she's gorgeous and hilarious. It's awesome to see a black female lead in a show. All the girls are great, Holli cracks me up, played by Natasha Jonas, she has no filter whatsoever and I love her fearlessness. Amber is daft, bizzarre genius, and Saz's sarcasm and snide comments are brilliant. It's returning for a second series which is good news.


  1. I saw this on bbc iplayer and it was a good series but I wonder if viva's ''race'' was an afterthought because apparently Adedayo was the last main actor to cast or maybe they struggled to find the right black girl!

  2. I must say...I'm pretty surprised that a black girl with a darker complexion was cast in a main role. I'm American, so I've seen only a couple UK movies & shows, but I have had yet to see an actress like that in the U.S. media, the much less U.K. media. That's really cool :)

  3. Hi guys,
    Americans tend to have the misconception that the UK is streaks ahead in terms of diverse casting. I actually completely disagree with that. There are issues on both sides. Hence why some black british actors who were undervalued in the UK have had much more success in the US.The likes of Idris Elba et al.If they'd stayed in the UK, they'd have gotten nowhere...

    When it comes to black girls /women, it's even more complex and disheartening. America has more representation but they're usually of the same ilk, ie light skinned and mixed race.It's pretty much the same in Britain. You look at the tv shows and most of the black girls are light skinned and mixed race. That's because Britain and the west in general like that look. They're perceived to be exotic enough but not too "other." Nothing wrong with beautiful light skinned and mixed race girls but dark skinned girls/women are just as beautiful and it would be good to see much more of a fairer representation. Occasionally, the UK will take a risk and cast a darker skinned black girl but it's not common practice.

    Great to see both Kerry Washington and Adelayo in lead roles. As for Adelayo's role, it doesn't seem like the Producer and casting directors had a particular race in mind. They auditioned girls from all types of backgrounds and she was the best one with the right sort of dynamic chemistry wise so she got the role on merit.

  4. Not being black or a teenager, I am surprised at the focus this discussion has on the race thing.
    I adore this programme for the humour it presents and not once thought of the colour of each of the girls skin.
    I grew up in england and went to a similar school and when my parents (of a different era) asked how many black kids I had in my class, I rrally had to think. Perhaps people should NOT think and just enjoy the show as it was intended i.e. A bit of a laugh!
    Lots of love
    Jayne (mum to three gorgeous grown children) xxx


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