Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Eu amo Cabo Verde

I've spent the last week on holiday in Cape Verde in Africa. I stayed on the island of Sal in Santa Maria. It is my favourite holiday so far, it was an amazing, intense, vivid experience. Cape Verdians are astonishingly good looking people, naturally so and really show the diversity of Africa. They speak Portuguese and Creole and have a saying "No stress no stress" And it really was like that, I can't remember the last time I felt so relaxed. I had so much fun. Cape Verde attracts people from all corners of Africa, Senegalese craftsmen,Nigerian artists and shop owners,people from Guinea Bissau as well as the French, the Italians and other internationals. I saw some fantstic sights, a mirage and a volcanic island amongst other things. You can surf, kite surf,wind surf, snorkel, go deep sea diving. I watched the fishermen on the pier with their huge catches, slicing them open.Watched black water babies, young black boys riding the waves at the beaches with surf boards and skim boards. I loved wondering the interconnected streets with brightly coloured houses and the smell of traditionally cooked Cape Verdian meals wafting through the air. The people were very friendly and I was really sad to leave. I felt so at home but then I always do in Africa instantly, it's a connection that's wired into me. There was that duality of being a city girl yet finding myself adapting to island life so easily.

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