Friday 1 July 2011

Ellen Page:Super Super

I really like Canadian actress Ellen Page. I think she's very beautiful and very talented in equal measure. I've pretty muched loved everything I've seen her in. Loved Hard Candy, Whip It and Juno. Inception I wasn't crazy about but I admit it's an innovative film but they lost me with the storytelling aspect and it became a little too contrived for my liking. I've watched some of her interviews and she strikes me as savvy, interesting and intelligent. I really dig the fact that she's a tomboy, tomboys rock. She also shares an interesting connection with Zoe Kravitz. They both dated actor Ben Foster and I think, Ben broke up with Ellen to date Zoe. She's versatile and she'll continue to get great roles. Next up, dark comdey Super, can't wait to catch it.

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